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Infant, Toddler and Preschool Development

IFECMH - Knowledge Area

Having an understanding of development at the various stages gives IFECMH practitioners and specialists the ability to share this knowledge with families so they can better understand their child and their child’s behaviors. A practitioner or specialist can also help enable the caregiver with the knowledge to provide the needed care to their child during each stage of development.

Some of the competencies that must be achieved include:

  • Demonstrates knowledge of social and emotional development and resiliency, including the development of attachment and trust.

  • Successfully initiates and sustains an effective working relationship with parents that nurtures their strengths and emerging capacities.

  • Provides guidance and information in a manner timed and suited to the parents’ strengths, concerns, priorities, and cultural values.

Please click here to visit the California Center for Infant-Family Early Childhood Mental Health website for a complete list of the required competencies.

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