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Infant Massage USA

The Certified Educator of Infant Massage Curriculum

  • is comprehensive, evidence-based, interactive, and personal
  • is based on the 15-point curriculum developed by Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage: A Handbook for Loving Parents
  • offers three opportunities to participate in supervised parent-baby infant massage classes
  • presents protocols, adaptations and techniques to work with families and their babies born prematurely and/or with special needs
  • involves both practical and theoretical work

The training curriculum covers:

  • History of infant massage and of the IAIM
  • Massage techniques and how to adapt these skills as infants develop
  • Communication, teaching, group facilitation and lesson planning skills
  • Effects and benefits of infant massage
  • Bonding and the relationship between massage and bonding
  • Infant and child development in relationship to massage
  • Infant cues, crying and behavioral states
  • Massage for special situations (colic, babies born prematurely or with other additional needs, etc)
  • Infant handling and positioning
  • Understanding, supporting and valuing parents
  • Touch research
  • Marketing and promoting massage classes
  • Safety guidelines for the use of oils