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Parenting, Caregiving, Family Functioning and Parent-Child Relationships

IFECMH - Knowledge Area

The relationship between the caregiver and the child lays a foundation for the future development of the child in areas of social, physical, and brain development. IFECMH practitioners and specialists are able to support this relationship by working with caregivers to help them in their understanding of infant and child development.

Some of the competencies that must be achieved include:
  • Demonstrates an understanding of optimal health during pregnancy
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the birthing process and impacts on the family,
  • Demonstrates an understanding of healthy attachment after birth and the importance of the postpartum,
  • Uses a variety of techniques to facilitate and reinforce positive parent-infant interaction and enhance parents’ capacity to be responsive and sensitive to their baby,
Please click here to visit the California Center for Infant-Family and Early Childhood Mental Health website for a complete list of the required competencies.