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Outreach & Systems Change Subcommittee

Revised Project description:  

Create an action plan to begin the process of creating a more responsive, multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual, and multi-cultural infant-family and early childhood mental health system which seeks to reduce stigma associated with seeking mental health and family strengthening support.  In all phases of system development, actively seeks out and incorporates feedback from children and caregivers.


Create multi-generational family fun, trauma responsive, stress reducing, resilience building activities held in places that families go. Design these activities to be multi-lingual and multi-lingual and multi-cultural.  Design these activities in partnership with children and families.

Longer Term Goal:  

Facilitate professional partnerships that work together on systems change/responsive services (practitioner gatherings, etc)

Suggested Next Step:  

Each pilot site design and activity and implement it by the end of June 2016 (using framework as described above)


Project Partners:                                                                              Email Addresses:

Sheri Whitt
Meg Walkley
Beth Heavilin
Laura Power
Leona Sousa
Jessica Montague
Andres Castro
Julie Simpson
Scully Powell
Connie Sundberg


Work Plan (11/2015)

What?                                                                                                                  When?                   Who?                                          How will we know?

  1.   Use   an 4 D-Asset Based Community Development Process to draft a plan to better   cultivate infant-family early childhood mental health (wellness):

Dream- about what would need to be in   place.

Determine- the strengths and needs of   the current system.

Design-  draft a plan to address how to address the   needs and respond to the dreams.

Deliver-  move forward the necessary first steps of   the plan.

  1.   Identification   of and outreach to community partners that will be important to the systems   change work and
Complete first round of 4 D   process by June 2016Ongoing


Subcommittee with input from   the 0 to 8 MHC Planning and Advisory Group (Leadership Team) for both. Systems Change plan is   createdMeeting notes


Increased partnerships





To access to the Outreach & Systems Change Sub-committee meeting agendas, notes, and materials follow this link:

Outreach & Systems Change Sub-committee meeting agendas, notes and materials